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Re: New GB18030 gconv module for glibc (from ThizLinux Laboratory)


Sorry for jumping into this thread late, but it's too tempting...

On Fri, 2002-01-18 at 05:41, Ulrich Drepper wrote:
> "Markus Scherer" <> writes:
> > I agree with what Anthony said about mapping code points: Even if they do 
> > not have assigned characters,
> It is completely irrelevant what you think.  The converters convert
> from the external charset to the internal private charset.  The latter
> is defined in a way which disallows any non-Unicode position.  What
> you do with your own code I don't care; but stay out of discussions
> like this when they are related to glibc.

May I ask where does it say that the "converters convert from the
external charset to the internal private charset"?  In fact, in "The GNU
C Library Reference Manual", edition 0.10, section "Generic Charset
Conversion" says:

	The wide character set is fixed by the implementation (in the
 	case of GNU C library it always is UCS-4 encoded ISO 10646.

According to Markus Scherer, to conform to UCS-4, the converters must
convert even the unassigned code points.

Ulrich, _please_ think twice about your decision.  It is vital to the
wide adoption of GNU systems in the PRC.


  Roger So                 Debian Developer
  Sun Wah Linux Limited    i18n/l10n Project Leader
  Tel: +852 2250 0230
  Fax: +852 2259 9112

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