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Re: New GB18030 gconv module contributed by ThizLinux Laboratory

Anthony Fok <> writes:

> While testing GB18030 support with some sample GB18030 text files
> supplied by the Chinese IT Standardization Technical Committee, we at
> ThizLinux Laboratory discovered that the GB18030 gconv module was
> unable to handle certain ranges, most notably in the User-Defined Area,
> but it seems /usr/bin/iconv discovered problems in other ranges too. 

This is quite a conincident.  I've been working with Yu Shao on
exactly this for some time now and he sent me the final versions on
Monday.  I checked them in today.

Whether your code is better or not I cannot say since I haven't looked
at it.  We've spent quite some time on the code which is now in the
CVS archive (in the trunk, not the 2.2.5 branch) so that I know that
code is fine and apparently passes the official tests.  Investigating
your code would just mean doing it all over again for no gain.  This
does not mean I don't appreciate the effort, it's just that the two
efforts overlapped and I didn't know about your work.

You might want to test the code which is in the CVS archive and if
there are any problems we'll fix them.

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