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Symbols not defined in libresolv-2.2.4


Linking against libresolv shows that several symbols are undefined, nm
output labels them as local symbols, so functions like
ns_initparse,ns_parserr, etc... cannot be used

0000ab44 t __ns_format_ttl
0000aaa0 T __ns_get16
0000aac0 t __ns_get32
00009854 t __ns_initparse
0000d050 t __ns_makecanon
0000a850 t __ns_name_compress
0000a240 t __ns_name_ntol
00009e44 T __ns_name_ntop
0000a450 t __ns_name_pack
0000a010 t __ns_name_pton
0000a920 t __ns_name_rollback
0000a8b0 t __ns_name_skip
0000a7e0 t __ns_name_uncompress
0000a300 T __ns_name_unpack
0000ad20 t __ns_parse_ttl
00009a60 t __ns_parserr
0000aaf0 t __ns_put16
0000ab10 t __ns_put32
0000ce84 t __ns_samedomain
0000d140 T __ns_samename
00009d50 t __ns_skiprr
0000ccf0 t __ns_sprintrr
0000af24 t __ns_sprintrrf
0000d0f0 t __ns_subdomain
00006ee0 T __res_nsearch
00007910 T __res_nsend
0000f2a0 d _ns_flagdata

David Gómez

"The question of whether computers can think is just like the question of
 whether submarines can swim." -- Edsger W. Dijkstra

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