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Re: Wish for 2002 ...

Thus spake Thomas Bushnell, BSG (
> > And why would someone edit it?  That could introduce bugs and the
> > version is copied verbatim from the OpenBSD libc.
> Because I'm a competent programmer.  Merely "touching" functions
> doesn't break them.

Oh, so you are a competent programmer?  And you showcase that by
boasting openly about your prowess?  In case you didn't notice: people
who really are competent don't need to boast about this.  You just lost
the last bit of credibility.  There was not much left after you claimed
that it would make BSD software run faster on Linux if we included the
strl* routines in glibc, but that little bit you just trampled to death.

> > Others have felt no need to modify it, why would glibc?
> Because glibc is rightly proud of having spent effort on efficient
> implementations of string functions.  They are generally carefully
> optimized in machine-specific ways that make them run much better.

That is laughable.  But please, go ahead.  Spend time on making things
break faster.  Others try to make it work correctly first, please don't
stand in their way, thank you.

But since you are such a competent programmer, I don't need to quote Mr.
Knuth, who probably learned everything he knows from you anyway.

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