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Re: Wish for 2002 ...

Felix von Leitner <> writes:

> If you touch that function, I'm not going to trust it and the glibc
> implementation and will still use my own version of it.

Huh?  Really?  That's crazy.  What does "touching" cause?

> And why would someone edit it?  That could introduce bugs and the
> version is copied verbatim from the OpenBSD libc.  

Because I'm a competent programmer.  Merely "touching" functions
doesn't break them.  

> Others have felt no need to modify it, why would glibc?

Because glibc is rightly proud of having spent effort on efficient
implementations of string functions.  They are generally carefully
optimized in machine-specific ways that make them run much better.

> Your "let's add functions of dubious value so unportable crap code of
> equally dubious value starts working" argument fits my definition of
> wanking much better than the standards body.  What were your submissions
> to the standards bodies so far?  You did several, right?  Otherwise your
> position of talking down on them would be even more ridiculous that it
> already is.

Oh, of course I did make submission to the standards bodies; we spent
a lot of effort on earlier Posix drafts.

> I suggest you get a life and stop pestering glibc with your toy ideas.
> They already rejected them, it's time to move on.  For example, you
> could learn how to write portable and safe code using strcpy and strcat.

You seem to be operating under the mistaken impression that I use
strlcpy, or think it's a good function, or have some existing program
that doesn't compile on glibc and I want glibc to change to adapt to
me.  None of these are true, of course, and the fact that you think
they might be only shows that you are not paying attention.  Thank God
for gnus-score and the L key!


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