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Re: Allowing multiple threads packages, a new threads package

Ulrich Drepper <> writes:

> writes:
> > I still don't understand.  If you can't change any code generated,
> > then you can't change much in glibc.
> Of course you can.  This must in any case be a compile-time option.
> Any alternative thread package will have to provide its own set of
> headers.  If you dream about a binary-drop-in replacement dream on.

I was being a little facetious here, if you can't change one byte in
the libc library object, you can't change much in it.

I agree that any change like this cannot change anything outside the
library, and I don't believe it will, with the exception of libio
which will continue to work properly.

And I don't think I'm dreaming of binary replacement, I had over 30
systems with around 100 software developers working on it using this
patch, with several different compiler versions (compiled before and
after the patch), doing c++ and gcj development on linuxthreads and
another threads package and it works fine, it's fully backwards and
forwards compatible.


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