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Re: PATCH: ldconfig.c considers entries before /lib,/usr/lib

On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 05:32:22PM +0200, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
> Ben Collins <> writes:
> >>From my understanding in this case, the ones in /usr/lib/ are generic
> > compiled, and from a different source. The special libraries installed
> > are optimized from another source, and do not work on all CPU's. Since
> > the optimized libs only override certain parts of the package that
> > supplies the main library (i.e. only runtime changes, and not linkable
> > objects, and not binaries), the packages have to live together, and not
> > overwrite each other.
> If you have a library that only runs on e.g. i686, put it into
> /lib/i686/.  There're already ways in glibc to handle this stuff.

This is finer grained. They are doing p3/p4/3dnow type stuff. Glibc
doesn't handle that, and yes from the reports this makes huge
differences. Plus, this is not a case of compiler optimizations, or even
assembler speedups. This sounds very much like dynamic recompilation,
and is very much specific to cache sizes, and cpu capabilities.

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