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Re: malloc patch for 2.2.4


> I have a problem here that might be related to the malloc problem you are 
> trying to fix.
> I have compiled this package on several platforms (Solaris, HPUX, and Linux).
> On HPUX and Solaris, it runs fine in single- and multi-threaded mode.
> With current glibc releases, it runs fine in single-threaded mode, but gets a 
> SegV in multi-threaded mode (the thread mode is selected by a run-time 
> switch).  A typical back-trace looks like this:

Note that the problem I am still chasing only occurs on ia32 SMP,
i.e. with at least 2 CPUs.  No problem with multiple threads on a
single CPU.

> I have tried to compile with -fno-strict-aliasing.  I have tried to apply your 
> malloc volatile patch.  Still, I get the same behaviour.

Not too surprising, as I've found it doesn't change the generated code
at all.  Sorry.

Like Jakub said, try MALLOC_CHECK_=1 first, then Electric Fence, if
you can afford the exploding memory usage of the latter.  If that
doesn't show anything and you suspect similarity to 'my' problem
(i.e. you have 2 CPUs), try a glibc compiled with debug info.  With
'my' problem, I am usually seeing stack/register corruption, in
particular last night I saw that the %ebx register was mysteriously
corrupted.  Any help with the 'fork-malloc' test is still greatly


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