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groff: conflict with prototype arg name in getopt.h

[about __argc and __argv in getopt.h which are macros in the UWIN


a longer time ago you've written:

> getopt is one of the few things in the GNU C library that is also
> used in nearly every GNU package, on all the myriad platforms
> supported by various packages.  (In fact, the getopt code predates
> the GNU C library.)  In this context, there is no hard and fast
> specification that applies--what applies is the standard of
> portability for essential GNU tools.
> Because getopt is now maintained as part of the GNU C library,
> problems with it are brought to the libc maintainers, who in other
> respects are not normally concerned with that sort of portability.
> But as the maintainers of getopt, we need to be sensitive to the
> portability needs of other GNU packages.  The same rules should
> apply now to getopt as did in the old days when it lived in
> /gd/gnu/lib.
> Fortunately, there is really no need for a general debate on the
> whole issue right now.  The changes needed to be portable are just a
> mild uglification of the header file.  To my eyes, that is much less
> ugly than the piles of #if crapola we already have uglifying
> getopt.h for no reason except precisely this kind of portability.

Paul Eggert has provided a patch to the list, but until today I
haven't seen it in the CVS.  Any chance that this will happen soon?


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