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glibc 2.2.4pre2

I've uploaded the files

  glibc-2.2.4pre2.tar.bz2                   (also .gz)
  glibc-2.2.4pre1-2.2.4pre2.diff.bz2        (also .gz)
  glibc-linuxthreads-2.2.4pre2.tar.bz2      (also .gz)


This is the second test release for glibc 2.2.4 and a release
candidate.  Unless some bigger problems pop up there will be no
further test release.  I'm pretty pleased with the current quality.

The changes for this release mainly include bug fixes.  The only
extensions are several new locales, some iconv modules needed for
them, and some changes to localedef which improve it's capability of
handling complex LC_COLLATE specifications.

Several bug fixes are in the thread-safety area of libio.  So please
test this.

The rest of the patch (and a large part) is the updated manual.

Please give it a try.  The turn-out of the 2.2.4pre1 release was again
overwhelming: 3 people reported their results.  Wow, the demographics
will definitely allow me to make assumptions about the stability.

All reports should be send to

[And no: you cannot use gcc3 to compile this glibc release.]

---------------.                          ,-.   1325 Chesapeake Terrace
Ulrich Drepper  \    ,-------------------'   \  Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA
Red Hat          `--' drepper at   `------------------------

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