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Re: Support for smaller glibc

> I work as a programmer trying to fit Linux+Mozilla+X into 16 meg of disk
> space (flash card) for a semi-embedded system; being able to disable
> chunks of glibc at build-time would be a wonderful thing (from my
> perspective). So yes, there is interest :-)

This is to acknowledge that there is a *lot* of interest, I know I get
queried on this from my co-workers.

But having the same .so name contains so many possibilities for error
that I am against that aspect of this discussion. Also there is the 
issue of different environments needing different things removed; I do not
think we can have a "small build" option that makes everyone happy. The
developer will have to be the judge of what is cut out.

What we *should* do is ensure that things *can* be cut out, at least by
maintaining a design that does not "tie everything to everything else".

Mark S. Brown                                         
Senior Technical Staff Member                          512.838.3926  T/L678.3926
IBM RS/6000 AIX System Architecture                        Mark Brown/Austin/IBM
IBM Corporation, Austin, Texas

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