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Re: The behavor of printing out libc message catalog without calling setlocale()

Chiaki Ishikawa <> writes:

> Has this loophole been documented in a clearly visible manner in the
> glibc documentation?

The effect of LANGUAGE is documented.  Since there is no locale
category with this name it is obvious that the environment variable
has the effect of selecting the translation.

> This loophole saves the transition in a way, but also gives the
> programming community excuses not to insert necessary setlocale()
> calls in the favorite programs any time soon.

Not really.  Since the character set is not set appropriately the
messages will be garbled for most languages.

> I wonder how people evaluate the the merit and demerit of this
> loophole.

It cannot go away since it's implementing something you cannot do the
the other environment variables.

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