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Jungshik Shin <> writes:

> How many times have you changed this? Just once, right?. I submitted a
> draft of the module (with U005C identically mapped to \0x5c) two years
> ago and you  changed it a month ago(?). 

Yes.  But it's a recurring scheme.

> I understand what you're saying(You might have dealt with similar issues
> in Japanese and Simplified Chinese locales) However,  could I say you
> might as well have verified what they had said or sought a second opinion
> on the issue before making an actual change especially considering what
> I had written to you and Bruno  about \0x5c problem in JOHAB before your
> change was made?

I cannot talk to every single person who ever made contributions for a
specific piece of code.

> Anyway, I'll try to talk some people out of their position that
> \0x5c be mapped to U20A9 in EUC-KR and get back.        


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