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glibc 2.1.97

I've uploaded the7th and hopefully last test release of glibc 2.2 to

You'll find the files

  glibc-2.1.97.tar.bz2               (also .gz)
  glibc-2.1.96-2.1.97.diff.bz2       (also .gz)

and in addition the older and not changed files


The changes from 2.1.96 are pretty large but only because of data file
changes and some new iconv modules, and the Linux/HPPA port.  The
library itself seems to be very stable and only a few bugs have been
reported (and fixed).  People running older versions are nevertheless
asked to upgrade.

If I don't get reports about problems which require non-trivial fixes
this is intended to be the last test release and 2.2 will follow
shortly.  So, if you don't want 2.2 to fail running your code give
this test release a try.  It's not necessary to install the library
(this should be done only by experienced people).  I don't expect many
problems anymore and know for sure that this release is more stable
than any 2.1.x release ever was.

The architecture situation is AFAIK:

  x86      no problems
  m68k     no problems
  PPC      no problems
  SPARC32  no problems
  SPARC64  mostly works, passes all tests
  IA-64    no problems
  SH       no problems
  S390     no problems
  Alpha    no problems (with modern gcc and kernel)
  MIPS     some tools and kernel issues
  Arm      some tools and kernel issues
  HPPA     should build and sometimes run

The Hurd port should also mostly work.

Please report any problems *and* success stories to

---------------.                          ,-.   1325 Chesapeake Terrace
Ulrich Drepper  \    ,-------------------'   \  Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA
Red Hat          `--' drepper at   `------------------------

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