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Re: Misleading info given by glibcbug

>>>>> Horst von Brand writes:

>> Submitter-Id:	net
>> Originator:	Horst von Brand
>> Organization:
 >   Horst von Brand                   
 >   Casilla 9G, Viņa del Mar, Chile                               +56 32 672616
>> Confidential:	no
>> Synopsis:	glibcbug returns the environment when _run_, not _built_
>> Severity:	non-critical
>> Priority:	low
>> Category:	libc
>> Class:		support
>> Release:	libc-2.0.95
>> Environment:
 > Host type: i586-pc-linux-gnu
 > System: Linux sleipnir 2.1.123 #6 Wed Sep 23 21:07:17 CLT 1998 i586 unknown
 > Architecture: i586

 > Addons: crypt linuxthreads
 > Build CFLAGS: -O2 -march=pentium
 > Build CC: gcc
 > Compiler version: egcs-2.92.11 19980921 (gcc2 ss-980609 experimental)
 > Kernel headers: 2.1.123
 > Symbol versioning: yes
 > Build static: yes
 > Build shared: yes
 > Build pic-default: no
 > Build profile: yes
 > Build omitfp: yes
 > Build bounded: no
 > Build static-nss: no
 > Stdio: libio

>> Description:
 > 	The above environment information is all wrong: I didn't build
 > 	glibc-2.0.95 just now, but when it came out :-)
What is wrong? Compiler version, kernel headers, system, architecture
and machine are wrong (from glibcbug runtime not from configure time)
- but the rest should be ok.  Or did I miss something?
>> How-To-Repeat:
 > 	run glibcbug
>> Fix:
 >         I'd suggest to squirrel away the information given when building,
 > 	and save as, e.g. $(exec_prefix)/glibcbug-$(version), and make
 > 	$(exec_prefix)/glibcbug a symlink to this one. For linux (and other)
 > 	experimental systems it might also be worthwile to state the
 > 	environment when run.

It might be possible to add compiler version, kernel headers and uname 
at configure time - and additionally uname and compiler version at 
glibcbug run time.

Anybody volunteering to enhance glibcbug?

Do you really think using glibcbug-$(version) will help?  I don't see
the necessity for it.

 Andreas Jaeger
  for pgp-key finger

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