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Libabigail 1.4 is out!


Libabigail 1.4 has been released.

This version of Libabigail is a bug fix release which improves redundant
changes detection, change report clarity especially with regard to
anonymous data members, false positive reduction and general stability.

You can download it at http://mirrors.kernel.org/sourceware/libabigail/libabigail-1.4.tar.gz.

Libabigail is a library which aims at constructing, manipulating,
serializing and de-serializing ABI-relevant artifacts.

It also comes with a set of associated command line tools to compare
the interfaces of ELF binaries resulting from the compilation of C or
C++ programs.

Typical use cases of libabigail tools include detecting ABI incompatible
changes across several releases of shared libraries or incompatible
changes in the interface between a Linux kernel and its modules, for

Users can of course write their own tools using the library.

The library comes with extensive API documentation available online at
https://sourceware.org/libabigail/apidoc.  The tools are documented
online as well at

Below is a summary of the significant changes brought to you in this new

Dodji Seketeli:
      Fix typo in tests/runtestdefaultsupprs.py
      Remove references, arrays and fn parms from leaf diff nodes
      Improve detection of local *type* changes
      Better detect when diff nodes only carry local type changes
      Better detect when pointer and qualified types carry local changes
      Use the flat representation for anonymous struct/unions
      Add test44-anon-struct-union-v{0,1}.o to source distribution
      Explicitely detect anonymous data member changes
      Identify a function using its symbol name and version
      Fix indentation of help string in abipkgdiff
      Fix redundancy detection through fn ptr and typedef paths
      Filter out changes like type to const type
      Initial basic support of union type in suppression specifications
      Ensure die_function_type_is_method_type returns a class type die
      Fix race between runtestdefaultsupprs{py3.sh,.py}
      Allow square brackets in ini property values
      Properly add test materials for test-diff-suppr/test38-char-class-in-ini*

Many thanks to those who contributed to this release with bug reports,
comments or code.

Happy Hacking and may all significant binary interface changes of your
libraries be noticed!