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[Bug default/21627] [kabidiff branch] Libabigail doesn't take translation unit compile dir into account


dodji at redhat dot com changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|[kabidiff branch]           |[kabidiff branch]
                   |fedabipkgdiff fails on      |Libabigail doesn't take
                   |gnupg package for fc25      |translation unit compile
                   |                            |dir into account

--- Comment #3 from dodji at redhat dot com ---
The problem here is due to the fact that the path of a translation unit is
relative to the directory where that translation unit was compiled.

So there can be several different translation units (in the same binary) that
have the same (relative) paths.  To tell them apart, one needs to consider the
compile directory of those translation units.

But then Libabigail ignores the compilation directory of translation units.  It
just considers their (relative) path.  That leads to different translation
units having the same path.  Oops.

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