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[Bug default/21486] top-level const qualifiers on types of function parameters are not ignored


--- Comment #11 from dodji at redhat dot com ---
This issue is addressed in the dodji/kabidiff branch by commit

In particular, that patch makes libabigail filter out changes about top
const/volatile qualifiers of function parameter types because they are now
considered as being harmless.

Users can still see those changes, should they want to do so, (as those changes
might have API consequences, even if they are not harmful as far as ABI is
concerned) if they use the --harmless option of abidiff.

Please note however that for abidiff to consider that the two binaries
(attached to this bug) have no functions sub-type changes, 3 patches are
needed, including the one cited above.  They are all present in the
dodji/kabidiff branch:

08d1fa8 Symbols with the same zero value are not aliases
8c48e8d Support ELF symbol visibility property
56be011 Filter top cv qualifier changes on function parameter types

Please note that this branch is soon going to be merged in the master branch. I
will thus close the bug when that merge happens.

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