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[Bug default/21486] top-level const qualifiers on types of function parameters are not ignored


--- Comment #9 from dodji at redhat dot com ---
I started to hack on this.  I am categorizing changes in which top-level const
qualifiers of function parameter types as being harmless.  As a result, those
changes are filtered out (by default) by libabigail.  Note that users can still
see those harmless changes by doing using the --harmless option of abidiff.

Looking at the result of comparing the two attached binaries, it appears to me
that there are other things (not related to the title of this opened bug) to
fix, so that abidiff concludes that the two binaries have equivalent ABIs.

Ideally, I'd thus have to construct smaller test cases that expose the problems
separately.  That way, I can use each of the small test cases as regression
tests in each of the patches that resolve the problem they expose.

I should thus build a version of Clang that exhibits those issues and maybe
file separate bugs for the issues I am seeing.

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