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Re: [Bug default/21486] New: missing const when comparing C++ object files

"woodard at redhat dot com" <sourceware-bugzilla@sourceware.org> a

> Doing some introspection on libabigail itself with different compilers it flags
> this error:
>   [C]'function void abigail::dump(abigail::ir::translation_unit_sptr,
> std::ostream&, bool)' at abg-writer.cc:4091:1 has some indirect sub-type
> changes:
>     parameter 1 of type 'typedef abigail::ir::translation_unit_sptr' changed:
>       entity changed from 'typedef abigail::ir::translation_unit_sptr' to
> 'const abigail::ir::translation_unit_sptr'
>       type size hasn't changed
>     parameter 3 of type 'bool' changed:
>       entity changed from 'bool' to 'const bool'
>       type size hasn't changed

Could you please attach the exact two binaries you were comparing, so
that I am sure to see exactly what you were seeing?