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libabigail for Mach-O?

Hi -

The OS X environment use the Mach-O format for binaries, rather than
ELF, so that is obviously a problem - libabigail doesn't understand
how to read that format. However, OS X does use DWARF for its
debugging information.

That suggests that, at least in principle, it should be possible to
make libabigail work against a Mach-O binary if you could teach it how
to get the dwarf info out (I'm purposefully ignoring the dsymutil
angle here).

I do however seem to remember seeing in discussion here recently that
libabigail relies not only on the DWARF info in an ELF binary, but
also does make use of the ELF info. That would make Mach-O
considerably harder. If that is true, how strong is the dependency on
ELF? If the same sort of info could be surfaced from a Mach-O file,
could libabigail make use of it? In what ways exactly does libabigail
use the ELF info?

Where on the spectrum ranging from "trivial" to "effectively
impossible" would this fall?