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Re: Undefined behaviour in abigail::tool_utils::string_ends_with.

Hello Eric,

Eric Fiselier <eric@efcs.ca> a Ãcrit:

> Hi Doji,
> Currently string_ends_with will crash if the suffix is longer than the
> string. I've attached a patch that fixes this bug.


I noticed the issue last week, fixed it locally and pushed it to master
this week end as part of a bigger series of patches that I had queued
locally.  And this was before I noticed your email.  Of course.

And you even made the effort to propose a patch.  Thank you so much for
that, and I am so sorry I pushed mine (which is the same as yours
basically) before seeing this message.  I'd have pushed yours, of

I hope you are not mad at me because of this.  Please do not avoid
sending other patches because of this particular misstep of mine.  My
apologies again.