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[Bug default/18828] abidw assertion failure at abg-dwarf-reader.cc:2401


--- Comment #3 from andrew.c.morrow at gmail dot com ---
Just pulled your changes and I can now run abidw on that library. The abidw
enabled MongoDB build now gets much further. I have though found another
assertion failure at abg-dwarf-reader.cc:6537:

abidw: abg-dwarf-reader.cc:6537: abigail::ir::class_decl_sptr
Dwarf_Die*, bool, abigail::ir::scope_decl*, bool, abigail::ir::class_decl_sptr,
bool, size_t): Assertion `ctxt.is_decl_only_class_scheduled_for_resolution(b)'

I'll get another ticket pulled together for that with the reproducing library,
but likely not until Monday.

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