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Re: continued troubles migrating from 1.6.1

Thanks for your note, Robert!

> I would recommend switching from JBindery to Apple's new MRJAppBuilder
> included with the SDK. It uses a text based property file when building Java
> apps, has a more elegant way of including the classpath for stand alone
> apps, and uses native PPC startup code whereas JBindery uses 68K.

The issue was that I was using CodeWarrior entirely... or, rather, I thought
I was. I am used to using the CodeWarrior IDE for C++, and it works great.
But CodeWarrior's system is not truly integrated into the Macintosh Runtime
for Java. It sets everything up for you, but when debugging Java code under
the IDE it is not quite as integrated: there are clearly some more levels of
indirection going on, such that "running" your program under the IDE for
debugging is not as simple as, for example, running a C++ program and
debugging it. There are a bunch of possible pitfalls in the way, and I fell
into one of them...

I'm familiar with command-line tools but I have never really used MPW; it
still works but is essentially an obsolete package, and I don't have a UNIX
shell on MacOS (OSX, maybe). If I had been launching the Java VM explicitly
and configuring the command-line params I would have been more likely to
catch the error; it just didn't make any sense by the time it got back to
the IDE! (How could it not be finding that method? It was right there in the
.jar file built into the project!)

> I will be writing a more comprehensive description of using Kawa with
> MRJAppBuilder soon and add it to an updated version of my Kawa on the
> Macintosh page. I will email information to anyone who requests it during
> the interim.

Would love to have a look at this, and possibly offer suggestions or help
with it if I can. 


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