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[PATCH] gdbtk: Remove use deprecated_interactive_hook

The deprecated_interactive_hook is currently setup to point to an
empty function.  Removing this will allow a small clean up in GDB.
The empty function used by deprecated_interactive_hook currently looks
like this:

    /* Come here during long calculations to check for GUI events.  Usually invoked
       via the QUIT macro.  */

    gdbtk_interactive (void)
      /* Tk_DoOneEvent (TK_DONT_WAIT|TK_IDLE_EVENTS); */

As far as I can tell this function has been empty for years.  If in
the future we do ever want or need to implement something like
gdbtk_interactive, then we would be better off adding a new observable
to GDB, but I don't see a reason to add one at this point just so that
gdbtk can call an empty function.


	* gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-hooks.c (gdbtk_add_hooks): Don't setup
	* gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.c (gdbtk_interactive): Delete.
	* gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h (gdbtk_interactive): Delete declaration.
 gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-hooks.c |  1 -
 gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.c       | 11 -----------
 gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h       |  1 -
 3 files changed, 13 deletions(-)

diff --git a/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-hooks.c b/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-hooks.c
index f2a5771..f973c79 100644
--- a/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-hooks.c
+++ b/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-hooks.c
@@ -143,7 +143,6 @@ gdbtk_add_hooks (void)
   deprecated_query_hook = gdbtk_query;
   deprecated_warning_hook = gdbtk_warning;
-  deprecated_interactive_hook = gdbtk_interactive;
   deprecated_target_wait_hook = gdbtk_wait;
   deprecated_ui_load_progress_hook = gdbtk_load_hash;
diff --git a/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.c b/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.c
index 977c47d..b7b99c3 100644
--- a/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.c
+++ b/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.c
@@ -112,8 +112,6 @@ extern
 void gdbtk_init (void);
-void gdbtk_interactive (void);
 static void tk_command (const char *, int);
 static int target_should_use_timer (struct target_ops *t);
@@ -578,15 +576,6 @@ gdbtk_uninstall_notifier (void)
  * The rest of this file contains the start-up, and event handling code for gdbtk.
-/* Come here during long calculations to check for GUI events.  Usually invoked
-   via the QUIT macro.  */
-gdbtk_interactive (void)
-  /* Tk_DoOneEvent (TK_DONT_WAIT|TK_IDLE_EVENTS); */
 /* Start a timer which will keep the GUI alive while in target_wait. */
 gdbtk_start_timer (void)
diff --git a/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h b/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h
index 8cd5482..7bb1f79 100644
--- a/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h
+++ b/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h
@@ -156,7 +156,6 @@ extern void gdbtk_stop_timer (void);
 extern void gdbtk_start_timer (void);
 extern long gdbtk_getpid(void);
 extern void gdbtk_ignorable_warning (const char *, const char *);
-extern void gdbtk_interactive (void);
 extern int x_event (int);
 extern int gdbtk_two_elem_cmd (char *, const char *);
 extern int target_is_native (struct target_ops *t);

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