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Re: mingw versions working

Hi Gene,

> I also rebuilt a previous version I made for fedora that used an
> insight
> snapshot from 2011 but without the tcl/tk/itcl, but using the system
> versions. It also used the gdb files (except gdbtk which are still
> insight's own) from Codesourcery. This almost works on windows (now
> using bundled tcl/tk/itcl) but I can't set breakpoints with the
> mouse.
It might that the gdbtk code you are using is not matching the
breakpoint handling code in the underlying Codesourcery gdb.

> However, this mingw version containing codesourcery's gdb
> (version 7.2)
> still has one advantage over the the pure insight described in first
> paragraph: when an ISR is entered the stack display shows the
> task level
> context that the ISR was called from like this:
> main()
> fn1()
> fun2()
> <signal handler called>
> myIsr()
> isrSub()
> The linux build also shows the this same stack/backtrace display
> (also can set bp's with mouse in linux version).
> But the "pure" insight
> version stack display will look something like this:
> ??
> ??
> myIsr()
> isrSub()
> I have looked around but don't see this listed anywhere as
> an improved feature in gdb or codesourcery's version of
> gdb. But I find it useful and wonder what it would take
> to add this to the pure insight version?
I don't believe (from my stomach) that the problem here comes
from insight itself. Stack unwinding is done using gdb's
facilities. Have you tried a commandline mingw gdb
(built from the very same code base) and did you issue a
"bt" command there. Do you see than a correct stack dump?
Or have you tried doing a "bt" in insight's console? Is
the stackdump there correct than?


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