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Re: Re: Error while "make all": "make[2]: *** No rule to make target `/libreadline.a', needed by `gdb'. Stop."

On 27/05/12 07:19, Gene Smith wrote:
David Fernandez wrote, On 05/25/2012 06:10 PM:
Hi Keith,

On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 12:10 AM, Keith Seitz<> wrote:
On 05/24/2012 03:45 PM, David Fernandez wrote:

I get the sources by doing:
yumdownloader --source insight
rpm -i insight-7.4.50-1.20120403cvs.fc16.src.rpm
cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS; rpmbuild -bp insight.spec
cd ~/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/arm-eabi/insight-7.4.50

Actually cd ~/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT mkdir -p arm-eabi/insight-7.4.50 cd arm-eabi/insight-7.4.50

Yes, right, I pretend that I had created the folder early on...
~/rpmbuild/BUILD/insight-7.4.50/configure --target=arm-eabi -v 2>&1 |
tee configure.out

I see the same error. Doing this instead allows it to build as is:
~/rpmbuild/BUILD/insight-7.4.50/configure --with-system-readline --target=arm-eabi -v 2>&1 | tee configure.out

Excellent, it builds!
The problem is that one of the patches to gdb/Makefile takes out the path to readline.
If I put it back in it also works w/o the --with-system-readline:
Remove last patch from rpmbuild/SOURCES/insight-7.4.50-readline-system.patch.

I'll go with the first solution, unless the system readline gives any problem... unless you are sure that something is wrong with it.
Are you trying to build an RPM for arm-eabi? I've never built an RPM (or maybe once long ago)
so what is the next step? "make install" ?? I use insight with embedded arm-eabi constantly but
have made my own custom version that works well from a CVS snapshot and codesourery's gdb source.

I was just building a toochain, that will require su -c 'make install' (or sudo make install if you have sudo configured, like in Ubuntu).

For a rpm, we would need to modify the SPEC file to build insight for arm-eabi, using --with-system-readline. Then doing rpmbuild --rebuild, and hopefully we will end with a binary rpm in RPMS folder.

The difficult thing is to compile gcc, that requires some more switches when configuring, and pehaps a stripped version of the C runtime library, more appropriate for embedded systems, like newlib. There is a good guide, other than these hitches for that in

Just one more thing that you guys might now by heart, but I forgot long ago... When running the installed arm-eabi-insight, I get the following:

ide_initialize_paths failed: Can't find the GUI Tcl library in the following directories:
/usr/local/usr/share/insight/gui /usr/local/share/insight/gui /usr/share/insight/gui /usr/libgui/library /usr/src/libgui/library /usr/local/usr/share/insight/ide /usr/local/share/insight/ide /usr/share/insight/ide /usr/local/libide/library

Surely there is a funny TCL environment variable, or a funny tcl command to make sure that the programs find those things... Could you tell me which one is it that I'm missing?


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