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[PATCH/gdbtk] Implement "Attach to process" for windows


One thing I was always missing in windows versions of insight was to nicely attach to a running process. So I took the time now and implemented it. The attached patch does the job.

It adds a new function to gdbtk-cmds.c that does the native generation of the processlist. In attachdlg.itb there is now a unix case for getting the processlist (the old way) and a windows case doing it via the new C function.


2012-04-11 Roland Schwingel <>

	* library/attachdlg.itb: Updated copyright.
	(list_pids): Add a windows case for getting the
	process list. Adapt method comment.
	* library/srcbar.itcl: Updated copyright.
	(create_run_menu): Allow "Attach to process" on
	windows, too.
	* generic/gdbtk-cmds.c: On windows include
	windows.h/tlhelp32.h. Declare new
	function gdb_list_processes().
	(Gdbtk_Init): Register new tcl function
	(gdb_list_processes): New function.

Any comments? Is this ok?

One last thing. The "Attach to process" menu entry is IMHO in the wrong menu. At present it is in the "Run" menu. To me it is more intuitive if it would be in the "File" menu. If nobody objects I would generate a seperate patch to move it in the "File" menu.


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