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[PATCH/gdbtk] Make color of changed vars customizable v2


This patch superseeds my previous patch from here:

As the old patch is yet not reviewed I reworked it a bit.

The new patch additionally takes also care about the register's window changed fields color and it does some minor simplifications.


2012-04-11 Roland Schwingel <>

	* library/locals.tcl: Updated copyright.
	(reconfig): New method for getting prefs updates.
	* library/prefs.tcl: Updated copyright.
	(pref_read): Moved comment. Take color for changed
	fields from gdb/src/PC_TAG prefs value.
	(pref_set_defaults): Change default of
	PC_TAG color to a somewhat darker green.
	(pref_set_colors): Call pref_load_default in central place.
	(pref_set_option_db): Remove hard wired old color for
	changed values.
	* library/regwin.itb: Update copyright.
	(reconfig): Update highlight color of register table.
	* library/srcpref.itb: Update copyright.
	(_build_win): Change text of PC color chooser.
	(_apply): Update global changed fields color from PC_TAG color.
	* library/vartree.itb (update_var): use changed field color from
	global colors list.
	(_init_data): Remove local copy of changed vars color.

Any comments? Is this ok?


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