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[PATCH] libgui: Make it compileable on windows with recent gcc versions and also on win64


The attached patch fixes the major problems of libgui on native windows (mingw) regarding compilation and 64bit. It also adjusts to new tcl/tk versions. There are still some warnings left I have to adress later but in the current shape it runs here now successfully for some weeks.

This is just a first rough version. More polishing here is needed. There are also a bunch dead code in which can be removed.


2012-03-23 Roland Schwingel <>

* src/subcommand.c,src/subcommand.h
Make some params const to match tcl/tk changes.
* src/tclcursor.c (get_cursor_size,get_cursor_position): Ditto.
* src/tclmsgbox.c: Include windows.h early.
(msgbox_init,msgbox_exit): Take care about encodings to windows functions.
(msgbox_thread): Use correct api call here.
(msgbox_internal,msgbox): Make CONST84 where needed.
* src/tclwinmode.c (seterrormode_command): Ditto.
* src/tclshellexe.c (shell_execute_command): Ditto. Plus correct cast return
value to shut up 64bit gcc.
* src/tclwinfont.c (win_choose_font): Make CONST84 where needed and
use dedicated windows api.
* src/tclwinprint.c (winprint_page_setup_command): Make const/CONST84 where needed.
(winprint_print_text_options,winprint_print_text_invoke,winprint_print_command): Ditto.
(winprint_print_text_invoke,): Ditto.
(winprint_start,winprint_print_commandwinprint_abort_command): use dedicated windows structs/api.
* src/tkTable.c: Obsolete old dprint stuff.
(StringifyObjects,Tk_TableObjCmd,TableWidgetObjCmd,TableConfigure,TableFetchSelection): adjust const.
(selCmdNames,commandNames,updateOpts): make const.
* src/tkTable.h: Adjust windows includes. include stdint.h. define CONST86 if missing. Deine
PTR2INT/INT2PTR taken from tcl if missing. Make some functions const.
* src/tkTableCmds.c: Make bdCmdNames and clearnames CONST84.
* src/tkTableEdit.c: Make modCmdNamesand rcCmdNames CONST84.
* src/tkTableTag.c: Make tagCmdNames CONST84.
(TableTagGetEntry): Make param argcv CONST84.
(TableInitTags): Make some internal strings CONST84.
(FindRowColTag): Ditto.
(Table_TagCmd): Ditto.
* src/tkTableUtil.c (TableOptionBdSet):Ditto.
(TableOptionBdGet): Make retval CONST86. Fix ptr/int arithmetics.
(Cmd_OptionSet): Make param value CONST84.
(Cmd_OptionGet): Make retval CONST86.
* src/tkTableWin.c (StickyPrintProc): Ditto. Make some internal strings CONST84.
(StickyParseProc): Make param value CONST84.
* src/tkWarpPointer.c: Include windows.h ahead of tk.h.
(WarpPointer): Remove unused var.
* src/tkWinPrintCanvas.c (PrintCanvasCmd): use dedicated windows structs/api.
Fix casting.
* src/tkWinPrintText.c (PrintTextCmd): Add #if case for compiling against tcl 8.5 and up.
use dedicated windows structs/api.
(ide_delete_print_text_command): Delete unused static function.
(DisplayDLineToDrawable): Add #if case for compiling against tcl 8.5 and up. Fix casting.

Any comments? Is this ok?


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