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Re: Insight on Cygwin : GUI is not showing up

Accounts wrote:

Hi Dave,

You do know that Insight is still in the GDB CVS Tree dont you?

yep :)

Also, the Insight website has some recent CVS Snapshots, which should build OK.

Unfortunately CVS head doesn't currently build under msys/mingw. I've
got plain vanilla gdb to build with minimal patching but adding Insight
is still a little problematic, not far off though. I just need to figure
out why the gdbtk module isn't picking up the tcl headers and I think it
should be plain sailing from there.

That might be a lot easier than trying to take the insight code from 6.1 and inject it onto GDB6.3 (without insight). There have been a number of patches since then (just no official release).

I actually did this the other way round, injecting gdb 6.3 into the
Insight 6.1 tree, it's fairly easy to do although the patches aren't
exactly trivial. It was really just a matter of checking out the 6.1
tree, bringing the gdb sections up to 6.3 then applying a patch
generated from the mingw gdb source, Andrew's SEH fix and a couple of
minor configury changes.


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