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Building Insight-6.1 under Cygwin

I thought this might help some of the Cygwin people.  I am not a great
developer, but managed to put this together from the various sources and
e-mails out there.  This is for an AMD K6-2/500 host running Cygwin (see
cygsum.txt attachment for details - also shows packages I have).

i586-pc-cygwin, AMD K6-2/500 running Windows 2000 Professional

Download sources via Insight-6.1 SNAPSHOT, not development sources.

1. Add "-mnop-fun-dllimport" to the AC_FLAGS variable in tcl/win/
and tk/win/

2. Add a symbolic link to X11 in the gdb directory, gdb$>ln -s
../tk/xlib/X11 X11

3. Install patch in main configure file, src/

RCS file: /cvs/src/src/,v
retrieving revision 1.207
diff -u -p -r1.207
---	24 Mar 2004 22:34:31 -0000	1.207
+++	29 Apr 2004 16:47:57 -0000
@@ -1789,7 +1789,7 @@ esac
 # Host dirs don't like to share a cache file either, horribly enough.
 # This seems to be due to autoconf 2.5x stupidity.
-host_configargs="--cache-file=./config.cache --build=${build_alias}
--host=${host_alias} --target=${target_alias} ${extra_host_args}
+host_configargs="${cache_file_option} --build=${build_alias}
--host=${host_alias} --target=${target_alias} ${extra_host_args}

Note:  I had to add Bison and Flex in addition to my current cygwin

Libraries have been installed in:

4. Install patch in targetselection.itb (and other files referring to com1!)

diff -Naur original/targetselection.itb fixed/targetselection.itb
--- original/targetselection.itb	2004-01-22 10:03:22.096390400 +0100
+++ fixed/targetselection.itb	2004-01-22 12:45:33.729792000 +0100
 itcl::body TargetSelection::default_port {} {
   global tcl_platform
   switch -regexp $tcl_platform(os) {
-    Windows { set port com1 }
+    Windows { set port /dev/com1 }
     Linux   { set port /dev/ttyS0 }
     SunOS   { set port /dev/ttya }
     AIX     { set port /dev/foo1 }
       # Failed.  Find out why.
       if {[string first "permission denied" $msg] != -1} {
 	# Port is there, but busy right now. That's OK.
-	lappend plist com$i
+	lappend plist /dev/com$i
       } elseif {$i > 4} {
 	# if we've scanned the first 4 ports, then quit when we find no more

 	set quit 1
     } else {
       # We got it.  Now close it and add to list.
       close $fd
-      lappend plist com$i
+      lappend plist /dev/com$i
   return $plist

5.  Change references to com1 in any gdbtk.ini to '/dev/com1'

Hope that this helps a little. - Pete

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