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Re: Problem with Remote/Serial in Insight

On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 02:51, Bernhard Walle wrote:
>   3. I adjust the tharget settings to "Remote/Serial", 9600 (confirmed by
>      a click, you know the bug), my serial interface (/dev/ttyS14),
>      [X] Set breakpoint at main, [X] Attach to target, [ ] Download
>      program, (X) Run program. I click ok.

I presume you mean "continue", not "run"...

> I hope it's clear what I do. I don't know which debug window you mean, 
> can you give me the point?

Yes, that is exactly what I was after... And exactly what baffles me the
most! I can hardly imagine how this is happening, but I have a

To open the debug window, enter "tk ManagedWin::open DebugWin" in the
console window when insight starts up. Copy the output to a file and
send that.

> I can send you the whole diff between 6.1 and our Insight if you 
> really think that that's the problem, but I don't think.

That won't be necessary unless I cannot figure the whole thing out...
Hopefully you've given me enough to go on.

With any luck, I can get gdbserver to demonstrate the same problem.


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