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Re: Problem with Remote/Serial in Insight


Keith Seitz wrote:
On Fri, 2004-12-10 at 15:26, Bernhard Walle wrote:

we're using Stubs and try to connect with the "Remote/Serial" target in Insight. It works, the code jumps to the breakpoint but after that the target settings dialog is displayed again. If you click "ok", it fetches some memory and displays it again. That gives an endless loop.

Can you describe the whole situation, step by step? That will help me isolate where the problem might be occuring. Also, if you open the debug window before attaching, send the output. Maybe there is something in there that might help.

1. I download the program with the stubs to the target manually with minicom and start it on the target. The stub is responding if I press ENTER. I close minicom.

2. I start Insight with "insight program"

 3. I adjust the tharget settings to "Remote/Serial", 9600 (confirmed by
    a click, you know the bug), my serial interface (/dev/ttyS14),
    [X] Set breakpoint at main, [X] Attach to target, [ ] Download
    program, (X) Run program. I click ok.

4. I press the RUN button.

 5. It jumps to a breakpoint (it shows the BREAKPOINT() macro, and not
    to main(), well, that might be a bug in the stups) and displays the
    target settings dialog again. Clicking OK fetches something from the
    target and displays that dialog again and again. I simply cannot
    work. With GDB (not insight) I can do next, continue, etc.

I hope it's clear what I do. I don't know which debug window you mean, can you give me the point?

The problem appears on Insight on Windows XP and on Linux. We use the Insight 6.1 which a few additions (additional remote targets but that's unrelated to _the_ remote target) and a patch from the CVS which fixes a bug. I can send you the whole diff between 6.1 and our Insight if you really think that that's the problem, but I don't think.

Regards, Bernhard

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