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RE: Question on snapshot packaging

> -----Original Message-----
> From: insight-owner On Behalf Of Keith Seitz
> Sent: 09 December 2004 19:13

> Hi,
> It looks like I'm going to have to fiddle my way around with manual
> snapshots for a little while, but I have some questions for 
> consumers of snapshots.
> How do people want me to package snapshots? I see two options:
> 1) The whole enchilada: package insight, gdb, bfd, and everything else
>    that is needed to build insight into one giant tarball. Make diffs
>    of this tarball available from snapshot to snapshot.
> 2) Insight-only tarball containing gdb/gdbtk, tcl, tk, itcl, 
> and libgui.
>    Provide diffs of this tarball from snapshot to snapshot.
> Right now, I've done #2. I've written a web page about the process,
> explaining everything in (what I consider) quite painful detail.
> All I have to do is find someplace to put the snapshots...
> Comments or other suggestions?

  I would have thought a snapshot ought to include everything necessary to build
a working executable, and not oblige people to go around grabbing bits and
pieces of the rest of the source tree from here and there.

  But I'm not a big "consumer of snapshots", so you don't have to rate my
opinion too highly :)

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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