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Re: set debug remote 1

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 01:05, Ilko Iliev wrote:
> I use the set debug remote 1 and the variable remote_debug in remote.c is 1.
> The debugging the conection with the sim target works (like your 
> exmple), but with real remote target don't work.
> The difference is that remote.c print to the gdb_stdlog 
> (fprintf(gdb_stdlog, ....)) but  remote-sim.c print to the gdb_stdout 
> (printf_filtered ).
> It seems that the setting of gdb_stdlog is not correct.

Ah, okay, that makes sense. I know we have some special handling for all
the gdb_* file "descriptors". I presume that gdb_stdlog is not handled
by us, though.

You've got two options: hack remote.c in your copy to send output to
gdb_stdout or hack at insight and teach it out to display stdlog. Hmm...
I see in gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-hooks.c that gdbtk_fputs already knows
about stdlog. It calls gdb_tcl_fputs_log, which will send the output to
the console as long as it is open.

Is ::gdbtk_state(console) set when you open the console window? It is
for me, but then that doesn't explain why you're not seeing the output
from stdlog. If you put a debug statement in gdb_tcl_fputs_log, does it
ever get there?


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