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Re: another problem when building insight

Keith Seitz,hello

    thanks for response!I use TortoiseCvs as my cvs client.when checking out ,it shows the command information as follows:
    In I:\gnu\insight: cvs -q checkout -P insight

   Is it right?
   After checking out, in the insight directory ,there is a src dir.In th src dir,there are many dirs, one of which is binutils.If you say the binutils dir isn't necessary ,I don't konw why it's here.
   Did I miss something?

======= 2004-11-29 12:26:00 :=======

>> what's wrong?
>These are all errors in binutils, which isn't even required to build
>insight. What cvs module(s) did you check out?
>You should not need to do little more than checkout the "insight" or
>"insight+dejagnu" aliases:
>$ cvs login
>Logging in to
>CVS password: [enter "anoncvs"]
>$ cvs co insight
>If you want to build binutils separately for cygwin, I suggest doing
>that somewhere else, since, as you can see, adding superfluous (for
>insight) software to your local sandbox can mislead you into thinking
>there are build errors with other packages which may not exist.
>If you really do want to build binutils on cygwin and are having
>problems with it, I suggest sending a complete transcript of the
>configure and build processes to the binutils mailing list (or maybe the
>cygwin list?). They should be able to help you better.

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