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RE: Target Settings box does not come up

On Tue, 2004-11-23 at 00:52, Hans Kester wrote:
> It does give an error message:
> (ManagedWin::_create) object creation of TargetSelection failed: error
> reading extension in GIF image
> (ManagedWin::_create) error reading extension in GIF image
>     while executing
> "image create photo _MORE_ -file [file join $gdb_ImageDir more.gif]"
>     (object "::.targetselection0.targetselection" method
> So my GIF images seem to be wrong. A small investigation shows that
> about half of them will not display with native Windows applications
> either. How did this happen?

I dunno. I've never seen that happen before. Sorry.

> When I copy the images and images2 directories from the Insight 6.1
> build the target settings box comes up! However I still get the memory
> error when downloading a program that downloads fine with 5.2.1:

Ok, one down, one to go. :-)

> [...]
> (ManagedWin::_create) unknown option "-fraction"
>     (object "" method

> Does this say that the -fraction option is not recognized?
> What does the guru say about this?

Grr... Looks like Iwidget's feedback widget has changed. Wow, this bug
must have been around for quite some time! According to the logs,
JANUARY 21 2003!

Zowie. I'll work on a patch.


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