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Re: Target Settings box does not come up


I remember seeing problems like you describe with the combobox on some
versions of Solaris.  The latest combobox code (which was after 5.2.1)
fixed it (at least on Solaris).  Could you give it a try?  Just grab
libgui/library/combobox.tcl either from CVS head or from any 2004


On Mon, 2004-11-22 at 11:05, Duane Ellis wrote:
> FYI - we have something like that with Insight-5.2.1 (we have a custom
> port, I wrote our port, and I don't have time to update it so I can't
> easily change things)
> NOTE: my case is oposition - you claim 5.2.1 works. New version does
> not. In my case the problem is with 5.2.1
> Situation is this: 
> We use starnet Xwin32 into a RH ES9 machine (does the same if we go
> into a RH7.3 machine). 
> Xwin32 has 2 modes of operation, (a) 'x-in-a-box', where every
> xwindows window is INSIDE the session (ie: Multiple Document Interface
> mode) or (b) lots-of-windows, where every xwindows is an independent
> ms-windows window.
> In "x-in-a-box" mode, the target window works. 
> In "lots-of-x-boxes" the target window (for that matter, any drop down
> tcl/tk combo-box) fails to work. It's empty.
> Since the primary way we use Xwin32 is in 'x-in-a-box-mode' the
> problem does not come up, and the workaround is better anyway
> (zillions of Xwindows windows is painful) i have not bothered looking
> into or researching this much.  
> I've never had the time to post something about it, I just happened to
> notice this message today.
> -Duane.

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