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Re: Target Settings box does not come up

FYI - we have something like that with Insight-5.2.1 (we have a custom
port, I wrote our port, and I don't have time to update it so I can't
easily change things)

NOTE: my case is oposition - you claim 5.2.1 works. New version does
not. In my case the problem is with 5.2.1

Situation is this: 

We use starnet Xwin32 into a RH ES9 machine (does the same if we go
into a RH7.3 machine). 

Xwin32 has 2 modes of operation, (a) 'x-in-a-box', where every
xwindows window is INSIDE the session (ie: Multiple Document Interface
mode) or (b) lots-of-windows, where every xwindows is an independent
ms-windows window.

In "x-in-a-box" mode, the target window works. 

In "lots-of-x-boxes" the target window (for that matter, any drop down
tcl/tk combo-box) fails to work. It's empty.

Since the primary way we use Xwin32 is in 'x-in-a-box-mode' the
problem does not come up, and the workaround is better anyway
(zillions of Xwindows windows is painful) i have not bothered looking
into or researching this much.  

I've never had the time to post something about it, I just happened to
notice this message today.


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