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Re: remote target: single step too slow

I think it is not question for the gdb list.
The command "info locals" in gdb work normally - after breakpoint or
single step gdb reads only the local variables
If the local variables window in insight is open: after each breakpoint
or single step insight reads the local variables and a piece program
code. For example: if there are 10 local variables the insight reads 10
times the same program code.

Is it a feature or a bug?
If it is a future how can I turn it off?


Keith Seitz wrote:

On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 06:21, Ilko Iliev wrote:

I found in the last version of gdb next stange effect:
after breakpoint the gdb read the code memory from the beginning of the current function in single word mode. This make the single stepping very very slow.
Why it is necessary gdb to read code after each breakpoint or single step?
If it is necessary is it not possible to read the code in block mode (one packet transaction with remote target)?

Same with this one: ask on the gdb list for a definitive answer.


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