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RE: no GUI with insight 6.1

> -----Original Message-----
> From: insight-owner  On Behalf Of twomol
> Sent: 21 October 2004 05:40

  Hello again twomol,

> My OS is winxp with sp1,running cygwin	
> After I completet following steps:
>          mkdir -p /tmp/build/gdb
>       cd /tmp/build/gdb
>      /src/insight-6.1/configure --target=arm-elf 
>       make -w all install 2>&1 | tee make.out
>  I try to use insight:
> arm-elf-gdb.exe  -w
> But there is no Gui,only have command line.
> I try this :
> arm-elf-gdb.exe  --i=insight
> It said "Interpreter 'insight' unrecognized"
> Actually I'm a newone to insight.I have read some old  
> messages in the maillists.There are
> some discussions about problem similar to mine.But almost all 
> of those said "can't invoke GUI using'arm-elf-gdb.exe  
> -w',but 'arm-elf-gdb.exe  --i=insight'can invoke GUI",Why on 
> my machine it said "Interpreter 'insight' unrecognized"

  When you did "make install", did it also copy the executable under the
name "arm-elf-insight.exe"?  That one might work better.  If it doesn't, you
might need to try applying the patch at

and rebuilding it.  That worked for me.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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