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This company will be announcing profitability soon

Oil is hot… Review this undervalued Canadian equity ready to explode…


This stock is starting to surge! Learn how traders make easy money, playing the markets.

You have probably been hearing, OIL,OIL,OIL and CHINA, CHINA, CHINA! Pretty soon you will be hearing TSU.V!!! TRANSEURO ENERGY.

TSU.V will be the next largest Canadian equity. Forget about Nortel and Bombardier. We have the answer:

Transeuro Energy Corp
Symbol: TSU.V
Industry: Natural Resources

Exchange: TSX Venture (CDNX)
Share Price: $0.66


Recommendation: BUY
Buy  Price:$0.60 - $1.00
Sell Price:$4.50 - $7.80
Target Price: $4.50+

Shares Outstanding: 14,250,000


Exciting News about this company:
- Bankers (CDNX: BNK) Invests up to $15,000,000 with Transeuro (CDNX: TSU)
- Institutional investor FIREBIRD fund invests in TSU
- share value $4.50+
- buy recommendation

Why Invest in TSU.V?
- Actual value exceeds market price
- set to become profitable
- Large gas reserves waiting extraction
- 12 year signed sales contract
-Dolmen Research Prices @ $4+

TRANSEURO EURO (TSX:TSU.V) is a dynamic energy player engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, and production of natural gas and oil worldwide. Transeuro's goal is to identify and execute on significant opportunities in emerging markets where it can leverage local expertise with international experience. At present, Transeuro is focused on exploiting its promising portfolio of assets in the Ukraine (the Kerch Project) and the Republic of Armenia (Block III). Transeuro's core area of operations is in the Crimean Peninsula in the Republic of Ukraine ("Ukraine"), and its project (the "Kerch Project") is recognized as one of Ukraine's preeminent oil &gas plays. Transeuro's management, finance, legal, and administrative professionals all have significant experience operating in Ukraine and in Central & Eastern Europe. Transeuro's visionary management, coupled with valuable contacts in the European power industry, position the company to become a dominant player in the independent sector. Projects in the Ukraine and Republic of Armenia epitomize Transeuro's goal of identifying and executing high potential producers and near-term production opportunities that will enable the company to grow in a disciplined fashion and enhance shareholder value.

Transeuro is developing its low risk oil & gas properties in the CIS based on a diversified, commodity portfolio. In order to realize cost efficiencies that will materially impact shareholder value, Transeuro is focusing on controlling operations in order to develop its properties aggressively. In addition, Transeuro always aims to control all facets of financial and marketing operations. Transeuro believes the primary use of regional solutions for labor, materials, and equipment will enhance the overall economics of its projects and overall political standing in the region. In addition, this strategy results in increased cost efficiencies through use of local solutions for labor, materials, and equipment. Ultimately Transeuro aims to be one of the largest foreign owned independent oil & gas companies in Ukraine and eventually in Eastern Europe.

CMT - trading @ $8.21
KER - trading @ $12.35
MET - trading @ $9.00
PCO - trading @ $1.74
POC.A - trading @ $25.00
TSU Buy Recommendation Price Target: $4.50+ CDN


Transeuro Energy Announces Increase In Financing

Transeuro Energy Announces US$15 Million Funding Agreement With Bankers Petroleum On Ukraine Oil And Gas Projects

  Firebird Global Master Fund, Ltd. Invests in TransEuro Energy

 Indusmin Receives Five-Year Extension of Licenses in Armenia


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