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RE: A problem about building Insight under Cygwin

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> From: insight-owner On Behalf Of ??

  Apologies twomol, my mailer doesn't get your name right :-O  I don't think
it has the right character set!

> Sent: 20 October 2004 09:37
> To: insight
> Subject: A problem about building Insight under Cygwin

>          My OS is Windows XP with sp1 and running Cygwin. I 
> has installed activetcl8.4.7.0 on my machine.

  The activetcl should not be needed but should also do no harm.

>         The following is my step:
> 1. config the insight:    
>     mkdir -p /tmp/build/gdb
>     cd /tmp/build/gdb
>      /src/insight-5.3/configure --target=arm-elf \

  I'd recommend perhaps trying a more modern version, but that one is still
a fairly good version.

>      --prefix=/gnutools -v 2>&1 | tee configure.out 
> 2.make install:
> make -w all install 2>&1 | tee make.out 

  This all looks correct.
> Then error occurs(Could anyone can help me?thanks):

  Yes, I found the same problem myself just the other day with building tcl
under cygwin.  There is a minor problem that can be fixed by modifying the
source files a little bit.  Please take a look at the post at

which tells you a #define you can add.  Or I think it may also work if you
update your w32api package using cygwin setup, but I haven't tried that.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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