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Re: Modifying the register window

On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 11:17, Hermann-Simon Lichte wrote:
> Could somebody please give me a little hint so that I know which source
> files of Insight are involved? I am willing to work it out myself, but since
> I'd never worked with the sources before, I just need a little push in the
> right direction from an experienced person. Maybe there are some things to
> look out for which aren't that obvious to a newbie.

As someone just mentioned, if GDB doesn't know about your SPRs, Insight
hasn't a hope. Ask on the gdb list for help on that. Once all that is
available, you can start hacking the code to add GUI support for your
new registers.

If the registers show up in "info all" or something, odds are you don't
need to worry about it at all. The register window will automatically
display them.

Anyway, if you get that far, send the list another note and I'll write
up a little thing about coding caveats. I'll mention the most important
two, just in case:

1) Your c code must never allow gdb to longjmp. ALL calls from
gdbtk-land must use some sort of call wrapper to prevent this:
gdbtk_call_wrapper (for adding tcl commands to the interpreter) and
catch_errors or catch_exceptions for other gdb function calls.

2) Your tcl code should be mindful of the primary state events: busy,
update, idle. [If you are tweaking an existing window, this probably
isn't necessary.] See src/gdb/gdbtk/library/gdbevent.ith for


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