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Re: Can't find source files

Dave Korn wrote, On 10/12/2004 5:04 AM:

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From: insight-owner On Behalf Of geneSmith
Sent: 11 October 2004 23:26

If you set directory to:


and your $cdir is /home/gene/source

where d is a samba drive mapped to /

Is there a reason why insight/gdb would not find the files at

/cygdrive/d/home/gene/source ?

? I can't see anything in the gdb docs that suggests it would concatenate
$cdir to $cwd. Where do you get that from ?
cheers, DaveK

What I am implying is that gdb concatentates the paths specified by "directory" with the path to the source file contained in the object file as described in Debugging with GDB section 7.4, Specifying source directories.

My runtime object files contains paths like /home/gene/source and I have set directory in gdb to /cygdrive/d. I am running gdb on cygwin and the target files are on a linux box. From windows (cygwin) I can see my linux files at /cygdrive/d/home/gene/source but gdb (insight) does not display the source. I compiled with -g and am not stripping debug info. With other directory and $cdir setting I can see source in insight but not wiht this particular setup.

(Maybe I dont' completely know the meaining of $cdir?)


Lit up like Levy's

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