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RE: specifing the target

On Sat, 2004-10-02 at 11:20, Gatien Gillon wrote:
> I'd like to win time setting the preferences every time is quite time
> consuming 

I'm afraid that didn't help me. Are you saying you need to set the
target settings every time you load a specific executable?

Or do you mean you load a lot of (different) executables, and you would
like to circumvent this?

In the previous case, Insight should remember your target settings for
any given executable. You should only ever have to enter your target
settings once. Your preferences will be saved, and the next time insight
loads that executable (tracked by its fully-qualified pathname), it will
automatically restore the target settings.

In the later case, though, there is currently no provision to do that.
Your best bet is to hack set_target in interface.tcl to force your
default. This functionality could be useful, so you could even add a
preference for insight to always force the default target setting...


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