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Insight MinGW Build


My name is Kip Warner and I am an active member of the Dev-C++ community. I also use to be a part of the development crew as well.

Our community is huge and Dev-C++ was, for the longest time, in the top ten most active projects on SourceForge. This goes to show the enormous number of individuals who pursue a capable development enviroment on the windows platform.

Unfortunately, when things do not go quite as planned, we find ourselves in dire need of a decent debugger. GDB is powerful and is very well written. What it lacks is the ease of use that new comers require when first venturing into this development world. A console can appear rather hostile and a nice GUI can change all that and make them feel much more comfortable.

Insight is a fabulous front end for GDB and solves most of our problems. Not to mention, and our community loves it. Unfortunately, the build we are using and share, has become rather archaic and often shows signs of incompatibilities with the ways in which debugging information is compiled into the latest binaries GCC produces.

We have attempted to compile a newer non-cygwin dependant native win32 build time and time again. We have set all of our biggest nerds with the biggest glasses in our community to it. Unfortunately, we fail each and every time due to the extreme complexities involved in the building process.

Our request then is that the capable Insight crew create a native win32 build on with the other primarily nix oriented archives. Can this be done? Thank you kindly.

Kip Warner

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