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RE: Bad installation of powerpc-eabi-gdb - can't find Iwidgets library (more info)

Here's some more information about this problem.

I was able to build, install and run powerpc-eabi-gdb on my Windows NT
machine at the office.  But the resulting executable still won't run on a
Windows 98 machine.

Internally, main.tcl runs and calls find_iwidgets_library.  
find_iwidgets_library executes:
	if {[catch {package require Iwidgets 3.0} errMsg]}
On my Windows 98 and Windows ME installations, the condition returns true
(The package was not found) but on Windows NT the condition is false (the
package is found successfully).

The failure on Windows 9x leads into code that unsuccessfully tries to
locate the iWidgets.tcl module.  Upon failure it sets an errMsg variable and
returns.  Back in the callers context, an attempt is made to display the
error message in a window but in this scope $errMsg is not bound so that
fails too.  So it looks like one bug on top of another once we get into the
case where the Iwidgets library is not found.  The resulting error dialog is
pretty cryptic.

My basic question is how can I make it find iWidgets.tcl properly?  Is there
some kind of environment var that guides the search?

Dave Wheeler
Principal Software Engineer
Woodwind Communications Systems, Inc.

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Subject: Bad installation of powerpc-eabi-gdb - can't find Iwidgets
librar y

This weekend I built and installed insight-5.0 for powerpc-eabi on a Windows
platform.  The build and install were completed successfully.  (I followed
the instructions on including applying the patch and
making one change to sim_calls.c by hand.)  But running powerpc-eabi-gdb
immediately results in an error dialog.  The root cause  of the dialog seems
to be that the package Iwidgets 3.0 can't be found by the procedure
find_iwidgets_library.  It appears to be looking for Iwidgets in directories
unrelated to the directories where iwidgets.tcl was actually installed.  

So can someone tell me what's wrong and how do I fix this?

Dave Wheeler
Principal Software Engineer
Woodwind Communications Systems, Inc.

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