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Insight Source Now Available

Cygnus Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of the
sources to the GDB GUI Insight(tm).  Insight is a second-generation
implementation that builds on experience with our first GUI, GDBtk.
Insight makes more extensive use of graphics and color, and offers a
wider variety of windows and display options.  It is possible to use
Insight without knowing any GDB commands at all, even for embedded
cross debugging; but as always, there is a fully functional GDB
command window as well, for when commands are still preferable.

Insight is built using tcl/tk, which means that the same interface is
available on both Unix and Windows hosts, and uses [incr tcl], an
object-oriented extension of tcl, to organize its many windows and
widgets.  The tcl interpreter links directly into GDB, and thus has
fast and efficient access to GDB's internal data, unlike DDD and other
frontends that must go through the command-line interface.

Cygnus is making Insight available under the GNU Public License.

You can find out more about Insight at
We have screenshots, download information, and other useful bits.

If you'd like to discuss Insight, feel free to drop an e-mail note to
the Insight discussion mailing list,

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the main contributors to GDBtk
and Insight.  Stu Grossman started it all as a personal project in
1994.  The current version was started by Martin Hunt, and since then
Keith Seitz and Jim Ingham have made scads of improvements and
enhancements.  Tom Tromey, Elena Zannoni, and many other Cygnites have
made significant contributions as well.  It is my hope that the
members of the net community will find Insight useful, seek to improve
it further, and thus add their names to this illustrious roll.

							Stan Shebs
							Cygnus Solutions

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